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Saturday, 23 August 2014

2014 Wellington Road Champs Wainuiomata Sat 24 Aug

The Wainuiomata course is a dank place and even if we had a fine day (which we didn’t) then parts of the course would still be dingy and dark.  The Centre might want to consider a better course that is easy to find with adequate parking. In the morning the walking folk held their 10k champs on the old GM site in Trentham.  They complete 8 laps of a 1.25km course, all flat and traffic free. There is plenty of parking and perhaps all that is needed are some portable toilets, or at least the permission of the Trentham Golf Club for the use of their facilities.
Anyway the road champs went without a hitch. Nice to see that Hamish Carson could be racing overseas against the world's best but also manage a 40 minute 10k on Saturday ay Wainui.