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Saturday, 3 May 2014

2014 Scottish Morning Wellington Waterfront Race Sat 3 May

There were 53 finishers today (compared to 36 on 5 April) which is a reasonable turnout for the second Saturday morning 10k.  This is despite the fact that a large number of Scottish members are out of town participating in the 50th Rotorua marathon. Reducing the entry for non-members to $5 is also a sensible move and may have helped to boost numbers slightly, although it is hard to tell. Despite the improved numbers it seems to me that the waterfront course is more than a tad over-used. The 10k 2xlap race was won once again by the consistent Nick Horspool with Tim Hodge in his first showing this season not far behind.  Valentino Hernadez was first home in the 5k. Results