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Thursday, 16 March 2017

2017 Hutt Zone Secondary Schools Athletics Meeting (Brabin and Campbell Shields) Newtown Park Fri 10 Mar

Individual Results 
Final Team Points

The Hutt Valley Zone Track and Field day at Newtown Park has two trophies up for grabs, the Brabin Shield (Boys) and the Campbell Shield (Girls).  

I have never heard of these two trophies but apparently the competition between the schools has been going for 60 years, although the trophies may have only been on the table since 2004. If you Google for the Brabin Shield what comes up is a small amount of information about an old cricket trophy.

Compared to the McEvedy there is little in the way of media coverage either before or after which is a pity.  

The schools involved are a mix of co-ed and single sex schools and for each of the boys and girls competitions there are 8 schools.  This year the winners of the Brabin Shield were HIBS and for the Campbell Shield the winning school was HVHS.