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Saturday, 6 May 2017

2017 University Relays, QEII Park Paekakariki Sat 6 May

Malcolm Hodge - first into my viewfinder lap 1

Race 1 Boys & Girls U9
Race 2 Boys & Girls U11
Race 3 Boys & Girls U13
Race 4 Boys & Girls U15
University Relay 

Athletics NZ Newsletter Summary
Under 20 Women:  WHAC - Phoebe McKnight, Kelsey Forman, Tessa Hunt, Imogen Skelton, were first outright of all the women’s teams.
Under 20 Men: WHAC - Seamus Kane, Liam Chesney, Olaf Manz, Sam Hyde-Smith.
Senior Women:  WHAC - Sarah Drought, Tamara Winkler, Alice Feslier-Holmes, Andrea Peat.
Senior Men:  Wellington Scottish - Harry Burnard, Kristian Day, Niam McDonald, Rowan Hooper
Masters Women:  Olympic - Michelle Van Looy, Meredith Ogilvie, Tracy Berghan, Deb Platts-Fowler.
Masters Men 40-49:  Wellington Scottish – Andrew Wharton, Dave Parsons, Brendon Thompson, Stephen Day who ran a great last leg to chase down WHAC.
Masters Men 50+:  Wellington Scottish – Dave Kettles, James Turner, Michael Wray, Peter Stevens

Well it was a great day for running around coastal dunes and taking photos even if I just did the latter.  Scottish retained the Senior Men’s title in the main relay event with Harry Burnard clocking the fastest lap of the day at 12.48 – the only person to go under 13 minutes.  

Having the time of his life charging up the first steep rise just over 1k from the start was Malcolm Hodge running for the No 3 Scottish Men’s Team.  Apart from running the 2nd fastest lap time he was clearly intending to pull a fast one over the Scottish No 2 team.  But in the end this was not to be. 

While the Scottish club had 3 teams finishing before WHAC arrived home it is important to note that WHAC did not have a victory in this race as a gaol. It is looking at other events in which to do damage.  

But WHAC didn’t go home empty handed winning the Junior Men’s and Junior Women’s races plus the Senior Women’s race. In the JW race Phoebe Knight running for WHAC posted a 13.59 lap which is fast enough to be in the boy’s team. 

Ruby Muir running for the No 1 Scottish team was the fastest SW in 14.39 followed by Sarah Drought who got the WHAC No 1 team off to a winning start with a 15.09 lap.

In the masters grade Stephen Day ran a respectable 13.18 to save the day for the No 1 Scottish Masters team which up until that point was behind the WHAC No 1. It might have been a different outcome if the WHAC running star from the 1990’s, Phil Starr, had been in the No 1 team.  

Race 1 Boys & Girls U9 (1.2km)

View from the bleachers. Stephen Day makes an early break on the fast starting field, but fails to medal

Race 2 Boys & Girls U11 (2.0km)

Race 3 Boys & Girls U13 (2.0km)

Race 4 Boys & Girls U15 (2.0km)

Race 5 University Relay (4x3.5km) 

Phil Starr

Nick Sunseri

Logan Slee

All Done