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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

2014 Lifestyle 5k Series Wellington Waterfront Tue 21 Oct


Exactly a year ago Hamish Carson set the course record for this race clocking up a sizzling 14.41. I am a little disappointed that Carson didn't come out today to see if he could shave off some time although given the nice day and the crowded waterfront he may have been climbing over people to finish. I was a teeny weeny bit disappointed that Ben Twyman didn't show because it means that we will never know if he could have made it 9 straight wins in succession. 

So in the end the fastest time for today's race was 17.09 set by the race-fit Grant McLean followed 10 seconds back by Bert Prendergast. The fastest female was Brooke Thomas who came hone in 19,54.

Also in the field was Melissa Moon taking on the role of guide for Maria Williams a sight impaired runner getting ready for the forthcoming Auckland half Marathon. 

Melissa Moon and Maria Williams

Grant McLean 17.09

Bert Prendergast 17.19

Brooke Thomas 19.54