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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

2016 Scottish 5k Series Wellington Waterfront Tue 15 Mar


The end of the waterfront 5km series for 2015/16 is in sight and if you look at the starter numbers from across the series then interest is well down on previous years. 

It could be that the only thing holding numbers up on the original course was the prospect of a free beer. Or it could be that the new start/finish location is less attractive although this would seem to be an odd reason for low attendance. Maybe the product in its current format is at the end of its life-cycle and needs a refresh.

Race Director - Daryl the Dude

Scott Ryland's decisive victory over Dahpne Jones


Fred Mwila

Steve Peters

Kim Lumsden

Lucy Baker

Andrew Rogers

Jo MacKay

Chris Nelson

Fabrice Salciarini

Mark Swadel

Bonnie Burrill

Josephine Draper

Mary-Ann Moller & Paul Wood

Saphire Telford

Did not start (DNS)

Kate Allen

Camilla Browne

Michael Browne

Anna Browne

Patrick Williamson

Jason Waite

John Leonard

Sue Cuthbertson

David Cooke

Ryan Hunt

Harrison Hitchens

Zac Vermeulen

Colin Price

Simon Keller

Stacey Kennedy

Harry Barnes

John Plimmer

Sarah Bonoma

Patric Lane

Sarah Fountain

Daphne Jones

Karen Chapman

Sanna Fourt-Wells

John Hines