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Sunday, 28 May 2017

2017 Dorne Cup Trentham Memorial Park Upper Hutt - Course Changes

Start of the Senior Women's Race 2008
The big news is that the course for the 2017 Dorne has been changed.  The changes affect the 2km and 4km laps and details can be found here.

Wellington Harriers currently hold the Dorne title and it is no secret that they want to keep it. And I imagine that the club’s strategists have been looking at how they can pull off another win to follow-up the surprise Shaw Baton victory.

The Dorne is a team race which means clubs need to be able to get their first six runners well up in the placings.  A club with a big number of starters has a better chance of pushing back a potential team counter from an opposition club.

Getting a winning team home is a bit easier compared to how it used to be when 10 counted for a team.  As the sport has shrunk so have race distances and counting team numbers.  In fact the only things that have increased over the years are the numbers of children participating, women and masters. And of course staff numbers at Athletic New Zealand.

Now I have no idea who will front for the Dorne but at the back of my mind I keeping wondering where triathlete Cam Goldsmid is.  

Cam won the individual Dorne title for Scottish in 2014, got sidelined by a mountain bike injury, but now appears to be back in action.  Earlier this year he won an off road half marathon in Taranaki running in WHAC colours but since then I have heard nothing.  

Cam Goldsmid winning in 2014

And here is a bonus