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Monday, 17 August 2015

2015 Children’s XC Series Race 4 Grenada North Park Tawa Sun 16 Aug

There were 8 races today, ranging from 500m for the year 0’s (pre-schoolers) to 2.2km for the year 7 & 8 kids.  Putting a bunch of kids in a park with other kids means that they aren’t going to stand around like adults talking about the weather. No with a playground and a bunch of trees to explore and balls to kick, they were off.  While adults tip-toed through the mud, the children did everything possible to get grubby.  
Every race has a trail blazer or two. These are usually teenage club runners used to cross country running. Their job is to head out as the vanguard in front of the race field to make sure that they follow them through the course.  It goes without saying that some courses are hard to follow with tape and cones everywhere; for example the course this year was different from last year with a significant portion run in the opposite direction.

What mischief have they been up to?

When you come into the Olympic Stadium, to win the marathon this is what you need to look like.

Standing guard over the baggage train


The vanguard

The vanguard testing the jump for height