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Monday, 1 July 2013

2013 Children's XC Series Race 1 Karori Park Wellington Sun 30 Jun

This series has been organised by Athletics Wellington and will be run at various locations between 30 June and 8 September. The races are aimed at primary and intermediate school age kids covering year 3 (8) to year 10 (15).  More details can be found here

The Karori races were held at Karori Park and deployed most of the course used for the Wellington Secondary Schools XC Relay races held in May. The course incorporates flat and hilly sections. For this event Gary Weston-Webb laid out the flags from the water crossing and along the side of the slope on the southern potion of the course. Gary, apart from being part of the jugernaut Wellinton Harriers A Team of the the 1980's, also designed the core of the current Vosseler Shield course and the infamous five-hills training run that could bring elite runner to their knees. And today Gary lived up to his reputation for being a hard man and was not in any mood to be kind to the kids. He made sure that they got their feet wet and ran out of breath on their way to the top of the slope.