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Sunday, 21 May 2017

2017 Vosseler Shield Mt Victoria Wellington Sat 20 May

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Ruby Muir impressive over the 10k course (45.07). She would have nailed the championship title is she had lined up for the 5k event

Steeplechaser and mountain runner, Harry Burnard made short work of the opposition on the tough Vosseler course leading throughout to pick up the winners medal.  Rain during the week and especially on the morning of the race made underfoot conditions slippery and treacherous in parts. Harry was not immune and on lap two slid on his arse on the downhill section adjacent to the finish line.  Others had similar experiences.

And is Ruby Muir the new Melissa Moon?

Athletics New Zealand Weekly Roundup

“94th Vosseler Shield Mountain Races, Mt Victoria – 20 May 2017
Harry Burnard won the senior 10km in 41:01 from Kristian Day 41:46, Dougal Thorburn 41:54 and Nick Horspool 43:43. Wellington Scottish were first in the teams.
Sarah Drought won the women’s 5km in 23:14 from Lizzy Bunckenburg 23:45 and Alice Feslier Holmes 24:15. Wellington Harrier Athletic Club won the teams.
Seamus Kane won the U/20 men’s 5km in 20:06 from Lachlan Haitana 20:19 and Callum Stewart 20:41. Teams to Wellington HAC.
Maiya Christini won the U/20 women’s 3.7km in 14:58 the teams to Wellington HAC. Liam Chesney won the U/18 men’s 3.7km in 12:26 from Max Karamanolis 12:33, teams to WHAC. Phoebe McKnight won the U/18 women’s 3.7km in 13:11 teams to WHAC. 
Master men 40 10km Daniel Clendon 42:09, Stephen Day 42:22, Stewart Milne 45:17, teams WHAC. Master men 50 10km David Kettles 47:04, Michael Wray 48:32, teams Wellington Scottish. Master men 60 5km Graeme Burr 27:35, teams Olympic. Master men 70 5km Brian Hayes 28:53, teams WHAC. 
Master women 35 5km Tamara Winkler 25:51, teams WHAC. Master women 50 5km Victoria Humphries 26:08, teams Wellington Scottish. Master women 60 5km Michelle Allison 30:09, teams Wellington Scottish.
Non championship women’s 10km Ruby Muir 45:07.
Barry Everitt Plate: WHAC 8202, Wellington Scottish 6589, Hutt Valley 5278”