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Saturday, 10 June 2017

2017 Dorne Cup Trentham Memorial Park Upper Hutt Sat 10 Jun

Rowan Hooper with the rescued Dorne Cup
This is how it's done

Dom Post Report 

Going into the main race the pressure would have been on WHAC to keep hold of the Dorne title it won last year. But rival Scottish club would have been out to put a spanner in the works and bring the cup home. 

In a display of fine team running club captain Rowan Hooper inspired his team mates to a decisive win by grabbing the first 3 finisher places and packing its team of 6 across the line in the first 13. 

But WHAC made it competitive by fronting up with a team designed to foil anything that Scottish could put up, This included Marcus Karamanolis who must be back from the USA on summer break  But as the results show if anybody has a bad day then it is easy for pre-race strategies to fall apart.  

So in the end the team points were Scottish 36 and WHAC 56. 

In the women's race Ruby Muir showed her class and once into her work progressively wore down her main challengers in the person of, Sarah Drought (WHAC) and former 2014 Dorne winner Kara Macdermid (Palmerston North HC).  

The tsunami of blue across the line easily secured the team title for WHAC with 16 points compared to Scottish’s 31 points.

Race 1 Photos (Senior and Masters Women, Masters Men)

On the morning of the Dorne the walkers do their 5km and 10km racing at the General Motors complex in Trentham.   But this year the start was delayed due to the arrival of 3 replica WWI tanks owned by Sir Peter Jackson.  Like many pieces of military hardware they had names

Perfect Lady
Old Crusty
Spring Chicken

The back story is that the tanks were being moved from Masterton where they had been used on a project to one of Jackson’s storage facilities at the GM complex.  Apart from some initial delay race got underway during the unloading and indoor parking of the tanks which added some interest to proceedings. 

Race 6 Photos (Senior and Masters Men)

Race 2 Photos (Men and Women Under 20 and Under 18)

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